We live in Vista Grove!

Research and our own experience tells us that being part of a cohesive community makes us happier and improves our quality of life. Part of that cohesion comes from having a civic identity, from being citizens of Vista Grove.

Defining the place itself is certainly part of that. We share a community built around shared school, church, and recreational activities but can’t easily answer the question, “Where do you live?”

Rather than mentioning a street, intersection, or vague geographic descriptor (“North Decatur area, near Mercer, around Lavista,” etc.), we know from friends in neighboring cities about the pride and sense of belonging that can come from having a defined name.

“We live in Vista Grove!” — and with that, we evoke the social trust associated with a community that is connected.

A connected Vista Grove ensures that we know each other, that we have places to get out and enjoy this community, and that we strengthen our relationships and opportunities for family and economic development for years to come.

If you share our vision for a cohesive community, here’s how you can help:

  • Please donate to help us fund our feasibility study (underway right now).
  • Please contact your elected representatives and let them know you want to preserve the opportunity to vote on a City of Vista Grove.
  • Encourage your neighbors to sign our petition to let legislators know we want the option to consider cityhood.

With your help, we can create a brighter future for Vista Grove.


Lara, Andrew, Meg, Megan and Peter