Vista Grove Moving Forward / Senate Bill 507


As we e-mailed at the end of April, these are curious times we live in and the world as we knew it has changed. These days, it is no longer safe to be in close connection with one another: families are re-organizing their lives to accommodate their children no longer in school, community meetings are being conducted through video conference, workers find themselves home and anxious, or working and anxious, and restaurants and other businesses are trying to make this new reality work while being responsible citizens and employers. Neighbors on daily walks wave and say hello to one another from a safe distance of six feet or more, and it is with caution that we venture to places like the grocery store and gas station. 

 Things have happened so quickly that there has been little time to mourn what was, and will come. We do not know.  And yet, in these changing times, there are extraordinary acts of courage and bravery; as seen among the health professionals who work extraordinary hours to support those who can no longer support themselves. There is hope to be found in the valiant efforts to get supplies and equipment to hospitals, and in the way neighbors extend their support to one another - spreading hope and care in the messages they share.

 These acts of caring and support for our loved ones and neighbors, for all of those like health professionals on the front line, have to be priorities right now for us, and for our elected representatives. Important issues related to the creation of a new city will need to wait for a time. Due to the scope and magnitude of the current crisis, our legislators have other matters that do, and rightly should, take priority over the creation of our city. 

Be assured that the process is moving forward and those of you who are enthusiastic about the city of Vista Grove can get excited about our future prospects. The Senate Bill for Vista Grove was introduced this past session - Senate Bill 507. Senators Elena Parent and Sally Harrell have sponsored the bill, with support in the House from Representative Mary Margaret Oliver.  Although the bill will need to be taken up again next legislative session, we all can and should continue to advocate for our city, where appropriate.

 This is, for all of us, uncharted territory. In closing the legislative session early to protect the representatives and state citizens from coronavirus, time frames and normal legislative business were upended. 

 For now, we want you to know that we have thoughtful sponsorship of the bill from seasoned local legislators, and they have committed to advance conversation on building a city.

In the meanwhile, we will need your help in whatever capacity you have to offer. At some point, you may receive a call from the Vista Grove Initiative, and when that call comes, we hope you will say yes to helping us help our legislators know that, for us, the desire for a city of Vista Grove is alive and active.

 Continue to make your family and community safety a priority, as best you can. Reach out a hand of help, where you can. Keep businesses working with your patronage, when you can. Thank those on the front lines of care and sustainability at every opportunity. Let us know if we can help. 

 Life in Vista Grove continues and we feel fortunate to be a part of this community. 

Your Vista Grove Volunteer Team


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