How A City of Vista Grove Can Preserve and Enhance Our Parks and Greenspace

We know we want more park and recreation areas for our families near where we live, and that the Vista Grove area already has fewer parks than it should. Yet we continue to lose wooded and green space in our area to development, with no realistic ability to instead acquire and dedicate it as park land.

Several years ago, for example, we lost the last undeveloped wooded area in Toco Hills, 1.4 acres that now house more leased commercial space. 

On North Druid Hills Road, when the old Grand Slam driving range land became available, the area lost another prime opportunity to acquire parkland. In an already densely populated area, the land was sold to a developer who built another series of townhomes.

On Briarcliff Road and on Clairmont Road, the clear-cutting of acres of wooded parcels for townhome and other higher-density housing continues apace.

Are these the best locations for new multi-use housing? Would preservation of green space, trails and recreation space have better-served us as a community? 

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  • V G Team