Now what?

OK – now that a bill is introduced, what comes next?

Our top priority for now is fundraising.  We need to complete funding for the feasibility study, which we are doing in installments, and your contributions are so important. To continue to foster informed discussion and put on informational events, there are also ongoing expenses for the Vista Grove website and assorted items such as rental of meeting spaces.  We count on your help to make that happen.

In this regard, we will be holding regular community outreach meetings to continue to introduce ourselves and discuss Vista Grove with more of our neighbors. As we reach out, we’d appreciate your help with communications – it would be wonderful if we could identify one contact in every neighborhood email or other social media group who could post any announcements to their group. Something like an old fashioned phone tree!

We have also created several task forces that will be working on specific plans for projects to benefit the community, including enhancements to parks and greenspace, and sidewalk and trial expansion. We have a good parks and recreation report started which we are working to update and expand in light of the exciting new park and trail possibilities  that have opened up as a result of the funding identified in our feasibility study.

We also have a task force studying the needs for public safety and police services in our footprint. Another group will be looking into community development, considering plans that have been proposed in past years for parts of our area, as well as changes we might want to make to current DeKalb County zoning. A new city typically starts with existing DeKalb codes and then adapts and revises it based on area needs and best practices.

We have some folks who are interested in transit and public works. We have public transit already but there are discussions about expanded and more varied options, for example, having a shuttle bus that would connect both of our LaVista Road and Briarcliff Rd commercial areas, as well as side trips to the senior center or down Lawrenceville Highway. We’ll also need to determine priorities for sidewalks and road improvements.

There’s plenty of room for a wish list too! What about a garden club that would design and implement plantings? A music festival? An active community news and information app and website? A new recreation offering or area you think would be ideal for a park? Let’s start planning how we want our community to grow and prosper!

What’s your idea? Contact us! Volunteer for a task force at  Let’s get involved in making our community an area that we can continue to be proud of!