Legislative Update

Thanks to all who came out to our January information meeting on Jan. 30 - we had a great turnout (100+ people), and a very energizing discussion!

At the meeting, we announced our new legislative team for this crucial legislative session. Brad Carver, who is experienced in working with cities to help introduce their charter legislation, will assist us again this year. We’re grateful to have his expertise on board.

In addition, we’re excited to announce that Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary is joining the Vista Grove team. As someone who knows from experience the benefits a city can bring to the overall strength of both local communities and DeKalb as a whole, Jason Lary is an excellent addition to our legislative efforts, and we’re grateful for his support. He was elected Stonecrest’s first mayor in 2017 and worked diligently for years to establish a city to represent his DeKalb community.

Having both Brad and Mayor Lary assisting underscores Vista Grove’s non-partisan message. Vista Grove is a non-partisan effort, just as the issues a city of Vista Grove would address, like improving infrastructure, building community, and fostering smart economic development, are non-partisan issues. Both Jason Lary and Brad Carver are experienced in identifying common grounds and working on practical solutions with both Republican and Democratic legislators. We hope to get as much bipartisan legislative support for a Vista Grove bill as possible, and we believe working with both sides of the aisle is the best way to accomplish that goal.

As always, your support, as an engaged and informed member of the community is so important, and our legislators have shared that they want to continue to hear from you that you support the opportunity to vote on the creation of our own city.


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