Legislative Track - Moving Forward!

Legislative Track Moving Forward — Continue to Call and E-mail Legislators

Thank you for your continued interest in improving our amazing community. With your help, we can move forward with the next steps of our effort: the release of a feasibility study and the introduction of a bill in the General Assembly to permit citizens to vote on making Vista Grove a city.

The bill will be comprised of the city charter and a map, developed logically with your support and community input. The map will generally track the boundaries you see on our website, with some variation because the legislature builds maps with a special format (combining individual census blocks, which does not permit the fine-grained precision of a block-by-block parcel map).

We expect to have a completed feasibility study available in under two weeks. Based on what we know about the strong tax base in our region, we anticipate that the analysis will confirm that a City of Vista Grove is not only feasible but economically strong and able to support a range of services. We want our local legislators to know that, and to support and co-sponsor the bill.

In the meantime, it is very important that our legislators continue to hear your support through e-mails and calls. Those contacts make a difference, and we have seen that in response to your actions already this past week. Please continue to call and e-mail, and make sure you tell your friends and neighbors that, if they share our vision of a vibrant and connected Vista Grove, they should call and e-mail too.

Our legislators want to hear from you so that they have a clear sense of community support. Please tell them how important it is to you that we stay connected as citizens, have a voice for our community at a regional level, and have a civic platform to accelerate the improvement of our infrastructure (including beautiful streets, sidewalk, and bike trails). Take a moment now to call and e-mail if you have not already done so.

Aside from contacting your legislators, here’s how else you can help:

  • Please donate to help us fund our feasibility study.
  • Encourage your neighbors to sign our petitionto let legislators know we want the option to consider cityhood.
  • Volunteer with the Vista Grove Initiative.

What are the next steps? With a bill introduced this year, the legislature’s rules pertaining to city creation provide for a default two-year process. That would mean that a vote by the citizens of Vista Grove would occur in 2019. Also, with your support and participation, we will continue the community meetings and neighborhood listening sessions that have been so helpful. Reviewing and discussing the services that might be provided by a City of Vista Grove will help prepare our area for the future. If you would like someone from Vista Grove to visit your neighborhood or civic association, please let us know. We would love to visit, meet you, and discuss the Vista Grove vision.