Why Is it Important to Act Now?


We have seen how a city platform can energize citizen initiatives, and happen to believe that a city can help us connect and transform Vista Grove to preserve and enhance our quality of life and get us ready for the future.

Most immediately, though, we are promoting CHOICE, and we have to act NOW to preserve a cityhood option for study and discussion. VGI's common belief is that our community is better off having more options for our future, rather than fewer, and a City of Vista Grove is an option that may disappear if legislation is not introduced in the General Assembly soon. We would like to see legislation introduced during the 2019 session, and then lead a constructive discussion across the Vista Grove footprint that is based on good information, quality dialogue about issues, and a shared recognition that we all have the best interests of our neighborhoods, schools, families and larger community at heart. Coming together and having that kind of a future-oriented discussion is only going to help us be more cohesive and better prepared to take on the many challenges and opportunities ahead for us, including helping our schools thrive and excel.

The cities that surround us have annexation plans that will not wait another year. If we don't act now, we will be splintered off a piece at a time and lose our identity as a community.