Introduction of our bill, HB 671

As this legislative session comes to a close, we are excited about where Vista Grove is headed. One of our DeKalb legislators, Rep. Vernon Jones, has just signed on to sponsor our bill (HB 671). This sponsorship permits the legislative process for Vista Grove to move forward as we continue to seek additional local sponsors. While we hoped legislation could be passed this session, with a vote in 2019, this bill will be considered next session, moving a cityhood referendum to 2020.

Between now and next January, we all need to work to get the word out about Vista Grove to even more neighbors, and to continue to foster positive and factual discussion about improving this great community. When the new session comes around, we will be ready. Our DeKalb legislators say they want to hear from more constituents about their enthusiasm and readiness to vote on a City of Vista Grove. Please continue to contact your representatives and keep the discussions alive in your neighborhoods.

As importantly, there is work to be done on improvement projects right now, right here in Vista Grove. Where do you most want to see us join together as a Vista Grove community? Building out our own Vista Grove Greenway? Creating new recreation spaces and opportunities for our families and children? Pushing for road repairs and sidewalk additions? Look for an important update soon about how you can stay involved.

Thank you for all you do! Your efforts to date have galvanized this movement and helped educate our legislators about the strong desire for change in our community — and with your help, we WILL carry that work forward!

Please keep up your Vista Grove signs! Our signs help raise awareness of this movement for positive change and to give us voice. They also show our legislators how widespread support is in the community.

What can you do to help make a City of Vista Grove a reality?

• Contact your legislators and let them know you support a vote on Vista Grove (and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same)
• Donate to help fund our outreach efforts
• Display our yard sign – let us know if you need one
• Wear a Vista Grove shirt to events legislators attend (email us at if you'd like a shirt or pick one up at a Vista Grove event)