How do we prevent overdevelopment of our city?

Carefully planned development and construction within a city are critical for the prosperity of residents. Development can create a sense of community, provide infrastructure investment, attract business and generate jobs, bring desired curb appeal, and maintain or increase home values. Whether the development is residential or commercial, construction brings economic stability. 

Development can also increase traffic, alter ecosystems and habitats, and change the character of a community. The key is to find a balance between growth and maintaining the desired character of the community, as well as weighing the pros and cons of the development plan.  

This balance must be intentional and thoughtfully planned by community leaders as part of a process that draws upon residents' intimate knowledge of their own community. Absent this planning, organic development that occurs may be undesired and harmful. Representatives who live in the areas they serve will understand the goals of the local community and its residents, and through citizen input and participation in the zoning process are able to implement a long term plan to manage development activity in order to strike that important balance.  

The key to managing development, and therefore overdevelopment, is to have local leadership that is immersed in the community and understands the balance between growth and maintaining character. That local leadership then ensures that community voices are heard and are a direct and immediate part of the planning and development process.  

This is exactly why cities have proven more successful at community building and improving quality of life.  City of Vista Grove residents and elected leaders will all live in the community and are best equipped to balance development with maintaining the character of the community.  

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