FAQs about the Feasibility Study

An economically strong Vista Grove – FAQs about the feasibility study

If you have not yet reviewed the feasibility study of a potential City of Vista Grove, please do: It confirms that our community can implement a massive plan of infrastructure improvement. We have the resources to provide our own local parks department, planning and zoning services, and road and sidewalk maintenance. And the City of Vista Grove will be able to deploy its own police force.

Here’s a link to the study: Fiscal Feasibility Analysis of a Proposed City of Vista Grove

To best improve the quality of life across Vista Grove, including through a potential city, we need to be engaged and informed. That means understanding the process of how our local government works, how it is funded, and how it can work most efficiently — and the study is very helpful in that effort.

A few points about the study to keep in mind:

Why do we need a study?

The purpose of the feasibility study is to verify that a new city will be able to pay for the services that we want it to offer, and to do so with no tax increases. And it will — the feasibility study has confirmed that we have a strong foundation for a City of Vista Grove.

Who pays for the study?

Community donors, including many of you, through contributions to Vista Grove Initiative. Our non-profit was formed to commission this study and to educate ourselves on how a City of Vista Grove will provide its services. VGI contracted with the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute to conduct the analysis. We are still collecting to pay the balance of the $20,000 cost of this study. So please, if you have not contributed, take a moment to make a tax-deductible contribution to VGI and help to defray the cost of study. www.vistagrove.org/donate.

Just how economically strong will a new City of Vista Grove be?

Very strong. Even employing a conservative analysis of expenses, the study confirms that a City of Vista Grove can provide these services with a $10 million surplus. Those surplus funds can be used for infrastructure improvements in Vista Grove — repairing our roads, adding parks and trails, and laying down new sidewalks in the areas that we need to make our area walkable, bikeable, and connected.

What else can you find in the CVI study?

You will see a very detailed analysis of the different sources of revenue for a new city (which are much wider than just property tax dollars), and the specifics of what delivery of the various service — for example, road maintenance and police officer salaries — would cost.

We’re excited by the possibilities of what a City of Vista Grove could accomplish for our community, and we think this study makes it clear that a lot is possible.

So what’s next? Our next community meeting will be April 26 at 7 p.m. at the Embry Hills Swim and Tennis Club (3131 Alton Road Atlanta 30341). We’re also holding a barbecue fundraiser May 12 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Briarcliff Woods Beach Club (1830 Morris Landers Drive NE Atlanta 30345). Tickets will be $12.50 for adults, $7.50 for children ages 5-12 and children under 5 will eat free.

What else can you do to help make the City of Vista Grove a reality?

  • Donate to help us fund our feasibility study.
  • Encourage your neighbors to sign our petition to let legislators know we want theoption to consider cityhood.
  • Attend Vista Grove meetings and events.
  • Help represent Vista Grove by attending other key community meetings (please wear your Vista Grove shirt!).
  • Volunteer with Vista Grove Initiative.

Let’s keep the momentum going!


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