Click here to donate to Connect Vista Grove, Inc. and Click here to donate to Vista Grove Initiative, Inc.

Connect Vista Grove, Inc. is an affiliated non-profit whose purpose is to focus on advocating for legislative changes that benefit the community, whether it is continuing the process of legislation to create the City of Vista Grove or publicizing and supporting legislation that would otherwise benefit our community in areas like transit, parks, public safety, economic development, and planning and zoning. Connect Vista Grove, Inc. is still a non-profit, but not a charitable organization for tax-purposes, so contributions may not be deductible in the same manner as to those to Vista Grove Initiative, Inc. Please consult a tax professional regarding tax implications.

Our greatest need at present is to support legislation creating the City of Vista Grove and authorizing a referendum vote in November 2020. Donations to Connect Vista Grove, Inc. directly further that effort of advocating to move Vista Grove's enabling legislation through the legislature in accordance with the process other new cities have used. Once this bill passes the legislature, and is signed by the new governor, it contemplates presentation of the question of creating a City of Vista Grove for a vote in November 2020.

Your donations to our Vista Grove Initiative, Inc. helped us pay in full for the feasibility study done by the Carl Vinson Institute at the University of Georgia, and continue to fund the educational work of our community meetings and programming, and our continuing work in studying improvements in the areas of transit, parks, public safety, economic development, and planning and zoning. Thank you!!! Vista Grove Initiative, Inc. is a 501c(3) organization, which makes contributions potentially tax-deductible.

Vista Grove Initiative, Inc. continues with public education and programming, and with our task forces, studying and planning for our future needs.


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