Senator Elena Parent introduced SB 507 on March 12, 2020 to incorporate the city of Vista Grove. Senator Parent has not previously supported any city creation. Vista Grove Initiative (VGI) is thankful for her leadership in recognizing that there is interest in incorporation throughout our community and that recent annexations by the cities of Brookhaven and Tucker make the conversation more pressing. Senator Parent also believes Vista Grove's plan to partner with DeKalb Co. for the provision of police services is a critical show of cooperation with the county.
The city borders of SB 507 are different from the original borders proposed by VGI. Our legislators, both Senate and House leaders, have deliberated exhaustively for some time to devise a map as closely resembling the VGI proposal as possible, while also considering input they have received from constituents, our neighbors and civic leaders. Recognizing that no border will satisfy all, they took the information available to them, collaborated on borders, and presented VGI with a revised map. That map will be circulated once the bill is uploaded to the legislative site.

Click here to see the new SB 507 Bill to Incorporate the City of Vista Grove in DeKalb County

Due to the suspension of the legislative session, we do not yet have a detailed map available. The best we can do at this point is a photograph of the large format printed map. We will let you know when we have a proper map to share. Please be patient as we all go through this major disruption of our daily lives. Click here to see the picture of the map.

We will be gearing up to campaign for passage of our bill and would appreciate your continued support.

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