Designing Our Future

Planning a Better Future for Vista Grove

If we are to meet the challenges of tomorrow in our North DeKalb community, we need the ability to innovate, to plan locally and long-term, and to implement those plans. Safe intersections, beautiful and walkable/bikable streetscapes, an expanding network of parks, greenspace and trails, and a vibrant and lively mix of uses in our commercial areas do not happen by accident. These good things happen when a community has a smart, comprehensive plan, and the citizen energy and dedicated local resources to support it.

In Brookhaven, Tucker, and Chamblee, citizens have provided input to their city governments that is reflected in very specific and comprehensive 20-year plans. Those plans are coupled with budgets and action plans to accomplish those long-term goals —funding additional sidewalks, acquiring additional parks and improving and adapting existing ones, and making public spaces safe, beautiful and vibrant.

Our area (and the proposed City of Vista Grove) is ready for that kind of vision and dedicated long-term planning. We understand that the wonderful aspects of our community require our volunteer efforts and engagement, and require sustained attention. Doing nothing, and simply allowing ad hoc uses, does not work. For instance, visitors to certain portions of the Clairmont Road area just off I-85 near Briarcliff see cracked asphalt lots, shuttered businesses and junked cars instead of the sidewalks, trees, restaurants, and stores that such a key corridor should support.

Similar unrealized potential is replicated across our footprint. Sustainable and smart development for Vista Grove will require dedicated, locally-specific planning — a civic platform that will help us implement our own 20-year plan and vision in the way that Chamblee, Tucker, and Brookhaven are showing us can be done very effectively.

We are a vibrant community, and we need a built environment and infrastructure that reflects that. While physical blight and neglect can creep in over years, change and revitalization can happen quickly. But change requires a smart plan that is tied to an overall vision for Vista Grove as a progressive, smart, and sustainable community inside of the metro region. The time to begin in earnest is now.

How would you like to see Vista Grove connected and transformed? What improvements to parks, trails, road, sidewalks, and public spaces are important to you? Let us know at With your help, we can start planning a better future for our community.

If you share our vision for a cohesive community, here’s how you can help:

  • Please donate to help us fund our feasibility study (underway right now).
  • Please contact your elected representatives and let them know you want to preserve the opportunity to vote on a City of Vista Grove.
  • Encourage your neighbors to sign our petition to let legislators know we want the option to consider cityhood.