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Contributions are tax deductible.

Donate to CONNECT Vista Grove

$11,973.02 raised
GOAL: $75,000.00

We are continuing the legislative portion of our campaign now - to pursue the tasks of connecting with our legislators to pass our bill in the 2020 legislative session, and to follow this through to the creation and successful passage of a referendum creating a new City of Vista Grove, Georgia. In order to do that we urgently need to fund our Connect Vista Grove, Inc. organization and would prefer your donations be directed towards this area, although it will may not be a tax deductible contribution for you. 

We will start discussing our plans with the rest of the legislators so that we can get the bill passed, signed by the governor, and presented to the public for a vote in November 2020. Phase three will be campaigning - publicizing the referendum and making sure everyone in the footprint understands the importance of taking control of our future and shows up to vote YES to Vista Grove.

Please donate today! If you prefer sending a check, you may mail it (please include your name and address as well as your employer's name and address, ("None" "Retired" and your home address are accepted) which is required by law for a donation to a political campaign committee for tax and record keeping purposes) to

Connect Vista Grove, Inc.
Attn: Treasurer
PO Box 98337
Atlanta, GA 30359

Note that Connect Vista Grove, Inc. is a non-profit, and has applied for 501(c)(4) status. This may not be tax deductible as a contribution. Please consult a tax professional for your tax implications.