Community Informational Meeting 10/23

The Vista Grove meeting was an overwhelming success on Wednesday evening October 23rd at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Clairmont Road. Over 60 neighbors attended this very informative meeting. The evening began with a wonderful presentation given by Greg Ramsey, the developer of Pendergrast Farms, which will be located on Briarcliff Road near the intersection of Chrysler Drive. The Pendergrast Farms is a type of development that the city of Vista Grove would support. It is a well thought out development that maintains a large buffer around its property,  communal living & limited removal of trees on one of the largest remaining undeveloped properties in our footprint. 

The second half of the evening was dedicated to  answering questions from the audience about the city initiative of Vista Grove. Detailed answers were given about the feasibility of having a city, taxes, the many benefits of cityhood and how we can make this become a reality. Many in the audience left this evening being excited about how a city if Vista Grove can improve our area.

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