How City Services (the "3 P's") Align with Community Priorities

We know the area wants to improve our transit and bike lane and sidewalk network; regularly repair and maintain our paved roads; preserve and expand our parks and recreational offerings; and have more say on how growth and development in the community happens.  

Reflecting those priorities are the services that a City of Vista Grove would offer. As you can read in the proposed city charter,  a new city of Vista Grove would offer three services --  roads and drainage, parks and recreation, and planning and zoning.  You might refer to them as the “three P’s”: paving, parks, and planning, three intensely local services that benefit from local knowledge and local engagement, and that are most directly used by the impacted community members. 

DeKalb County would continue to handle all other services, including public safety. This kind of city-county partnership just makes common sense. Serving over 700,000 residents in DeKalb, county government in DeKalb necessarily has to be very selective about priorities. Only so much can be accomplished solely at that level, which is where cities have stepped in. 

Communities mature and evolve. It is a natural part of population increase, and we continue to experience what is projected to be a tremendous ongoing increase in residents in the Atlanta metro. That evolution includes growing, in their population and level of engagement, to the point where they are ready for the benefits of city-county government.

Those include having a smaller and very nimble organization focused on just delivering localized services. A city of Vista Grove would also have the flexibility, so important in meeting future needs, to decide on the most cost-effective way to deliver any given service--whether agreement with the county, competitive bid and private-public partnership, or even working with other cities.

That local service delivery by cities then frees up the county's time, attention, and personnel to focus on county-wide services, like water/sewer and sanitation, and on making them the best they can be.

Enhancing both local and county-wide service delivery, helping strengthen not only Vista Grove but the whole county, is another reason why we need to move forward to a city-county form of government now.

If you agree, please take a moment to write to both of your legislators (State Representative and Senator), letting them know the following:

"I live in the Vista Grove area, and I want us to enjoy the same efficiencies and benefits of city-county partnership that residents in neighboring cities do. Please permit us a choice about our form of local government and an opportunity to vote on city formation for Vista Grove. Please support legislation, like the Harrell-Parent bill, that will permit that vote in 2021."

You can find your Representative's and Senator's e-mail and phone number by clicking here and entering your address. Please not only e-mail, but take a moment to call their office and let them know you support Vista Grove and want to vote on city formation in 2021.

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