Building the Infrastructure that Grows Community, and Community Spirit

In addition to delivering services like road repair, and to helping plan for long-term preservation of greenspace, we know cities are excellent at building community. 

But that sense of community and belonging -- the experience of being in a place that feels like home -- does not just happen on its own.

It takes all of us, working together, and to sustain community requires a certain infrastructure that encourages togetherness.

Imagine beginning your day in a community that you have designed, together with your neighbors, to create real fulfillment.


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During the week, you could walk or bike down a continuous path or sidewalk to your children’s school.

On the weekend, or after work, you could use those same connections, without driving, to reach a shopping area like Toco Hills or Embry Hills or Northlake, or to bike to any of our area parks. 

As you walked, or biked, or perhaps took a community shuttle to go shopping, you would see new greenspace that had been acquired for additional parks. You would see additional sidewalk connections, making it easier to reach our schools, our parks, and our neighborhood shopping areas.

And as the hub of that transit, you would see a multiuse trail--the Vista Grove Greenway--connecting us not only to these destinations but to the regional trail system emerging around us.

This kind of vision is becoming reality in neighboring cities, and can be a reality here, too.

But we need to act now.

If you agree, please take a moment to write to both of your legislators (State Representative and Senator), letting them know the following:

"I live in the Vista Grove area, and I want to build the transit connections and public spaces that bring us together and help grow community and community spirit. Please give us the opportunity to vote on city formation for Vista Grove. Please support legislation, like the Harrell-Parent bill, that will permit that vote in 2021."

You can find your Representative's and Senator's e-mail and phone number by clicking here and entering your address.

Thank you, as always, for your support and engagement.

The Vista Grove Team

P.S. Please also join Sen. Sally Harrell for her virtual town hall this Thursday, February 18th. Sen. Harrell understands the importance of providing Vista Grove with the opportunity to vote -- and can recognize that without legislative action this year, the cycle of annexation will decide the issue for us, and take away that choice entirely. Here is the information Sen. Harrell provided:

Sally’s Legislative Town Hall: Save the date! Please join me and Georgia House Representatives whose districts overlap Senate 40 for a virtual legislative town hall on Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 pm. 

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