Great Things Happening in Vista Grove

Hello Vista Grove friends and happy summer! With your help, we've continued to be very busy since our last round of town hall meetings and gatherings listening -- listening to your stories about what the Vista Grove area means to you; listening to the kinds of community services you'd like to see improved local government offer; and listening to your ideas about how we work together to keep this incredible community safe and strong now, and for many years to come. Here's what's next...

As we have been considering various alternatives related to local government, we have heard you that you would like us to work to actively explore the cityhood option. We appreciate this input, and know that your passion and willingness to be part of this movement to better our community has inspired us as we move forward.

Before next January, when the new legislative session starts and we will need to have a bill introduced confirming the new city borders and formally authorizing the city's creation, there is a lot of work to be done. For one, we want to make sure we have canvassed all of our Vista Grove neighborhoods and talked to as many residents as possible. This effort is going to take energetic participation and from all of you! You can start now by talking about Vista Grove with your friends and neighbors in our area. Ask them to sign our petition and to donate now to support moving forward with the formal feasibility study of a potential new city. Here is the petition link:

When someone signs the petition, ask that they include both their name and address, so our legislators understand the breadth of community support. This is one area where every one of you can make a HUGE difference for us right now; if you encouraged just five new people a week to sign the petition, who themselves do the same, you yourself will be reaching hundreds of our Vista Grove friends and neighbors.

Next, please ask that people give to support Vista Grove. We need to have a completed feasibility study in hand as soon as possible this year. This study is important both as a requirement under state law to become a city, but also as a source for all of us of the best data about cityhood -- including the critical budgetary analysis that will ensure a new city can thrive. We anticipate working through the Andrew Young School of Public Policy at Georgia State. Many of you have asked how to volunteer right way, and this is how. Funding the study is going to be the most important work for us over the next month to two months. You can donate online on our website. Please consider at least a one hundred dollar donation, but know that every dollar you can contribute counts, is appreciated, and helps to support getting out the word about Vista Grove, whether through the website, updates and community meetings, or most of all, funding the feasibility study. Here is the link to donate:

As we move into the second half of the year, we will be sending out weekly updates with additional information about the Vista Grove movement. We are also forming subject matter-specific task forces, and a sign-up form will be on the way. Thank you all on behalf of our Vista Grove leadership team for your energy and commitment to a future that is strong and vibrant for Vista Grove!

All the best,
Andrew, Lara, Megan, Meg, and Peter