Who we are: The Vista Grove Initiative (VGI) is a group of citizens and neighbors interested in exploring how we can strengthen our community and sense of identity and belonging. We want to preserve all of the options we have for civic improvement. One possible option, though not the only or exclusive one, is forming an incorporated Vista Grove. But most important is that we make our own, self-determined choice and that we have the means to do so, the best possible information, and an forum and opportunity for constructive discussion. That choice, and those discussions, is what VGI was founded to promote.

Our initiative began as a group of community members who found, through working together on civic issues including keeping our community schools and Lakeside school cluster strong, that we have so much in common across our many wonderful schools and neighborhoods in the Vista Grove area. We also realized that it can be hard to communicate in a clear way and get the best information out for discussion across the community. We therefore wanted to create a platform for communication and civic engagement on all of those issues of importance.

Right now, of course, the top of mind issue for many of us is how annexation and cityhood might impact all of us, but these issues of importance also include transportation, parks and greenspace, sidewalks, economic development and schools. Our hope and intent is that Vista Grove Initiative, as a non-profit volunteer movement, continues to provide that communication platform for all of us.

A group of concerned and engaged local residents helped to start the nonprofit itself, and more community members committed to the positive mission have continued to join them and Vista Grove Initiative every day. All of us love this community and area has been very gratified at the very positive feedback Vista Grove's fresh approach and message have received. We are doing this because we think keeping Vista Grove quality of life high, and our communication and ties together strong, is a really worthy endeavor.

We are all passionate about a great region, county, and a great Vista Grove! Thank you so much for your interest in the initiative, and we welcome you to join us and be part of an important conversation. If you have questions, let us know at [email protected], and take a look at the website for upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.