A Voice and a Vote

The movement for a voice for the Vista Grove community and the legislative process to allow us a vote on cityhood is continuing! The fact that “Crossover Day” has passed without our cityhood bill clearing the General Assembly this year just means that we need to focus on ensuring our right to vote in 2020.

For this year, we are pleased that our bill has been introduced and is now available for review and discussion to continue this initiative forward into the 2020 legislative session. Any state legislator can sponsor a bill; and since enabling a vote for Vista Grove is both of countywide and regional interest and benefit, Representative Timothy Barr introduced our cityhood bill in order to continue moving the conversation forward. This displayed admirable vision and political courage and if you have not thanked him, please write to do so.

Our community deserves for one of our own local representatives to stand up for us and sponsor our bill allowing us to vote. As Representative Barr has communicated, his intention is and has always been to preserve a right to vote while we seek bipartisan sponsors. It is thus more important than ever to write your legislators and let them know that you support Vista Grove – they need to hear from you!

What is our challenge for local representation?

The Vista Grove area has a total of seven legislative representatives, none of whom have a majority of constituents within the Vista Grove map. As many of you have read, each legislator is subject to extraordinary pressures from interests within the bulk of their districts, which are outside of Vista Grove. Further, their districts each include between one and four neighboring cities with long term goals that conflict with our community’s cityhood initiative. This divided interest and fragmented representation for our community raises the bar even higher for us when it comes to being heard! Whether fair or not, it is our reality.

So please take a moment and write now. Our representatives are listening and the only way to make our community’s voice heard is for you to write them.

As we move forward with the cityhood initiative, you have our continued commitment to lead a positive dialogue. We have not, and will not, engage in the politics of negativism. The Vista Grove movement has delivered good facts, in a positive way, about options for our civic future including cityhood. The movement stands for improving our community for our community and for fostering neighborhood cohesion. We firmly believe it is not only right, but more successful to build our community by respecting all opinions and treating everyone with dignity and respect, both online and in person.

Please know that this effort continues to be driven by you and your neighbors, who have made it possible to fund the required feasibility study and a lobbying team through a good old-fashioned grassroots effort. The positive feedback and support from the community has been overwhelming, we have met the statutory requirements, and we are determined to get the right to vote, whether it be this year or in 2020.  

Regardless of the outcome during the current session, we are committed to doing the hard work so that our legislators will support us as we move forward with Vista Grove!

Andrew, Meg, Lara, Angela, John, and Megan