Thank you for your interest in Vista Grove Initiative and our movement to help improve parks, trails, road and general quality of life in the incredible Vista Grove community, and to give us a representative voice in urban growth and development decisions happening all around us.

With the support of so many in the community, the process of city creation continues to move forward--and those of you who are enthusiastic about the city of Vista Grove can get excited about our future prospects. The Senate Bill for Vista Grove was introduced this past session - Senate Bill 507. Senators Elena Parent and Sally Harrell have sponsored the bill, with support in the House from Representative Mary Margaret Oliver.  Although the bill will need to be taken up again next legislative session, we all can and should continue to advocate for our city. Follow us on our Facebook page, and sign up on this website for updates and as a volunteer.

The new Senate Bill does make a substantial change to the Vista Grove map. We will post a map of the updated boundaries soon, and in the meanwhile, we are leaving all of our original maps on the Maps tab up for the time being. Apart from the borders, there is much useful information on the existing maps, including an overlay on the detailed map that you can turn on and off for all of the legislative districts - federal, state, and county. 

On the Documents tab, there is a link for the best map we have of the new proposed borders. If you click on the map link, you can click once on the map and it will enlarge enough that you can read street names on a large computer monitor.

Stay safe and well! We look forward to meeting, even if virtually, at an event sometime soon, and hope you will stay in touch and learn as much as you can about the benefits of cityhood. Our level of engagement and volunteering to create positive change has always been a strength in the Vista Grove community.