Our greatest need TODAY is to support legislation creating the City of Vista Grove and authorizing a referendum vote in November 2019. Please take a moment to send an e-mail right now. Copy and paste into your mail program, and feel free to write your own personal message instead of our suggestion. Already wrote? Write again! Get your neighbors to write too. Let them hear our voices!


TO: sally.harrell@senate.ga.gov, steve.henson@senate.ga.gov, elena.parent@senate.ga.gov


renitta.shannon@house.ga.gov, billy.mitchell@house.ga.gov, michele.henson@house.ga.gov

Subject: Support Vista Grove!


As a member of the Vista Grove community in North DeKalb, I want to preserve the most choice about my civic future.  I therefore request that you sponsor and support legislation in the 2019 session of the General Assembly authorizing a vote for possible cityhood for our Vista Grove community. Please support introduction and passage of our bill for the City of Vista Grove for its second legislative year during this current session of the General Assembly.

I realize that I am but a small portion of the constituency for only two of you, but this area is my life, and it is very important to me, and I would appreciate that all of you give my request to make my future better in a new city of Vista Grove the consideration that I deserve as a citizen of DeKalb County Georgia. 

Thank you,

(your name and your street address)


Donations to Connect Vista Grove, Inc. directly further this effort of advocating to move Vista Grove's enabling legislation through the legislature in accordance with the process other new cities have used. Once this bill passes the legislature, and is signed by the new governor, a referendum for creating a City of Vista Grove will be presented for a vote in November 2019. Please donate to help us fund our education and outreach efforts.

We look forward to moving forward with a bill in the current state legislative session that would support a vote on creating a City of Vista Grove. Initial bills were introduced in the House and Senate during the last legislative session.The 2019 legislative session will be year two of the two-year legislative process to hold a voter referendum on a City of Vista Grove. With your continued support and following the legislative process, we expect a vote will be scheduled in November 2019.

What else can you do to help Vista Grove become a reality? 

Volunteer with Vista Grove Initiative.

Please also visit our events calendar and join us for an activity soon!