We have begun a drive to collect 3,000 petition signatures - this will show support for legislation enabling a VOTE in 2019. Our local legislators have said they want to see a very strong show of support from us to move this legislation forward and keep open our choice for a possible city.

Encourage your neighbors to sign our petition to let legislators know we want the option to consider cityhood.

Our greatest need at present is to support legislation creating the City of Vista Grove and authorizing a referendum vote in November 2019. Donations to Connect Vista Grove, Inc. directly further that effort of advocating to move Vista Grove's enabling legislation through the legislature in accordance with the process other new cities have used. Once this bill passes the legislature, and is signed by the new governor, a referendum for creating a City of Vista Grove will be presented for a vote in November 2019.

Please donate to help us fund our education and outreach efforts.

Connect Vista Grove, Inc. is a non-profit but not a charitable organization for tax-purposes, so contributions may not be deductible in the same manner as to those to Vista Grove Initiative, Inc. Please consult a tax professional regarding tax implications.

A City of Vista Grove will begin on strong economic footing. If you have not reviewed the feasibility study conducted for Vista Grove by the Carl Vinson Institute at UGA, please do so. You will see that, with no tax increase, Vista Grove can efficiently and cost-effectively provide critical infrastructure and service improvements for our area: as neighboring cities have done many times, Vista Grove will handle service delivery in the areas of parks, roads and drainage, police, and planning and zoning.

City service in these areas will be closer to the community it serves. With options like public-private partnership used by Tucker and Brookhaven, the service delivery is lean and extremely efficient. Not only is there is no "extra layer" of government, these services are closer to the people they serve. In fact, as we have seen from the experience of other new cities, the relationship between city and county is one of partnership: Having Vista Grove provide its own services will free up resources, time and attention on the Dekalb County's part to help make it as strong and successful as it can be.

In addition, a City of Vista Grove can:

--Improve the vibrancy of our commercial areas and ensure a positive mix of retail and local business uses that serve the community's needs;

--Create opportunities in Vista Grove for citizens to enhance quality of life for themselves and their families through civic participation and increased economic development;

--Ensure self-determination, and a clear voice, for our citizens in the important discussions at a regional, state, and inter-governmental level that impact our community; and

--Strengthen relationships and the natural identity we share in the Vista Grove area through our common history, geography, and aspirations.

We look forward to moving forward with a bill in the next state legislative session that would support a vote on creating a City of Vista Grove. Initial bills were introduced in the House and Senate during the last legislative session.The 2019 legislative session will be year two of the two-year legislative process to hold a voter referendum on a City of Vista Grove. With your continued support and following the legislative process, we expect a vote will be scheduled in November 2019.

What else can you do to help Vista Grove become a reality? 

Volunteer with Vista Grove Initiative.

Please also visit our events calendar and join us for an activity soon!

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    Fundraiser Dinner 2/20/19
    Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 07:00 PM · $50.00 USD
    Nicola's Restaurant in Atlanta, GA

    Please join the Vista Grove Initiative for our second fundraiser dinner at Nicola's Restaurant! We had a BLAST last year! Learn more about how cityhood could help our community, where we are in the process this year, and how you can help us financially and otherwise.  It will be a fun, delicious night of Middle Eastern food and camaraderie with your neighbors!

    With your help, we can create a brighter future for our community!

    If you wish to pay by cash or check, please email us with your RSVP, and we'll put you on the list. To pay securely online, continue with the purchase tickets link below. 

    Each ticket is $50 and includes a delicious family-style meal.

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    Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 07:00 PM

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