Whether you were a supporter of the cityhood efforts for Briarcliff, Lakeside City, LaVista Hills, Vista Grove, or all of the above—Thank you!  Thank you for thinking about what cityhood means to you, sharing your thoughts with friends and neighbors, signing petitions, writing your legislators, attending events, raising funds, donating money or performing one of the many other tasks which have moved our cityhood initiatives forward.   Whether you spent a few hours, or hundreds of hours, thank you for helping to create and implement a vision for a city made up of the neighborhoods and surroundings that we know and love. 

We have been in discussion with our legislators about a different plan for a city, encompassing much of our previous area, and adding others. We feel that this new map presents a more cohesive alternative to our previous proposal. As such, the Vista Grove Initiative will no longer exist, making way for the North Decatur City Initiative. 

As proposed, the City of North Decatur extends from Embry Hills in the north to Atlanta, Decatur, and Avondale Estates in the south.  It is bounded by I-85 on the west and I-285 on the east (excluding the portions within the cities of Brookhaven, Tucker and Clarkston) and includes a population of approximately 82,000 people.  Upon its creation, the City of North Decatur would be responsible for planning and zoning, roads and drainage, and parks and recreation.  North Decatur would partner with Dekalb County on public safety and other services, collaborating with, and continuing to use, the Dekalb County Police Department.

With a footprint expanded beyond the footprint previously proposed for Vista Grove in SB507 (introduced by Senator Sally Harrell and Senator Elena Parent in March 2020 just before Covid19 stopped everything) the North Decatur City Initiative is looking for new ideas and new leaders—leaders and ideas from across the footprint!  We hope you will join us.

Please check out the North Decatur City Initiative website (where a map of the North Decatur footprint is available), follow us on Facebook, and share this news with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you again for being the wonderful supporters of cityhood that you have been.  We look forward to seeing you soon and working with you to create the City of North Decatur!

Your Vista Grove Volunteer Team