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Write your representative in the Georgia General Assembly to let them hear personally about your support for the Vista Grove Initiative. Please take a moment to send a short e-mail. In your email, be sure to include your street address and/or neighborhood, since that identifies you as a constituent. An example would be:

Dear Rep. ___: 

I am one of your constituents who lives at ____, inside of the Vista Grove community, and I would like to hear more about the various options for the future of our local civic government. One of those options is possible cityhood, and we do not want to lose that option because of the passage of time. Please support introduction of local legislation during this 2017 session of the General Assembly to act as a placeholder bill for the City of Vista Grove. Thank you!

If you are not sure who your Georgia General Assembly representative is, you can find that information by looking it up on the Secretary of State's website.

Georgia House members who represent areas in the Vista Grove community include:

Rep. Scott Holcomb

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver

Rep. Michele Henson
Stone Mountain

A full list of phone and other contact information for all House members is also available.

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