Why Cityhood now?


While the population of the metro area skyrockets, our physical infrastructure continues to age, and Vista Grove needs a comprehensive, long-term plan to prepare for the future, and leadership connected to the area to ensure implementation. The cities around us – Tucker, Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Doraville – prove that locally tuned, citizen-driven planning and action lead to consistent improvement. The success of these cities is causing our businesses, which are primarily on our perimeter and abut these cities, to pay careful attention to how much easier and more consistent it is to get zoning and permit issues resolved in a city.

Local Improvements - A city can help connect and transform Vista Grove’s physical infrastructure, bringing much needed improvements in areas like parks and recreation, roads and drainage, safety and security, and allow local management of community development including zoning and planning.

Civic Identity - A city can focus on strengthening our community and civic identity. Events like “Taste of Tucker” or Chamblee’s 4th of July concert and fireworks, consistent policy suited to our community, and improved communication between citizens and leadership can all help us work together more efficiently to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Vista Grove and DeKalb County.

Unified effort - A city means that we can communicate forcefully and with a single representative voice on issues of local importance -- among them fostering strong schools, reducing traffic congestion and sprawl, responsible stewardship of our green spaces, and improving the physical infrastructure of Vista Grove.

Representation - Currently a board of seven Commissioners struggles to represent huge chunks of Dekalb’s 740,000 residents. In Vista Grove each city council member would represent roughly 10,000 residents for up to three terms. Importantly, council members would have to live within the districts they represent and live with the choices they make as representatives.  

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  • Amy Parker