Why Is it Important to Act Now?


We have seen how a city platform can energize citizen initiatives, and happen to believe that a city can help us connect and transform Vista Grove to preserve and enhance our quality of life and get us ready for the future.

Most immediately, though, we are promoting CHOICE, and we have to act NOW to preserve a cityhood option for study and discussion. VGI's common belief is that our community is better off having more options for our future, rather than fewer, and a City of Vista Grove is an option that may disappear if legislation is not introduced in the General Assembly soon. We would like to see legislation introduced during the 2018 session, and then lead a constructive discussion across the Vista Grove footprint that is based on good information, quality dialogue about issues, and a shared recognition that we all have the best interests of our neighborhoods, schools, families and larger community at heart. Coming together and having that kind of a future-oriented discussion is only going to help us be more cohesive and better prepared to take on the many challenges and opportunities ahead for us, including helping our schools thrive and excel.

Is the Vista Grove Initiative the same as Lavista Hills?


No. The Vista Grove Initiative is a new, fresh effort focused on helping us be informed as a community about our future civic direction and to preserve the OPTION of cityhood before it is lost to other annexations or future legislative changes. Our founding principles and focus are positive dialogue, self-determination and choice for our community, and providing the best information about our civic options to provide the most informed choices.

How can I help the Vista Grove movement?



The success of the Vista Grove movement -- creating a vibrant and progressive city and community that is ready for the future -- depends upon the active involvement of every one of our interested citizens. Here are ways everyone can get involved now:

  1. Donate. Your previous donations enabled us to pay for our feasibility study and support our website. Our greatest need at present is to support legislation creating the City of Vista Grove and authorizing a referendum vote in November 2019. Donations to Connect Vista Grove, Inc. directly further that effort of advocating to move Vista Grove's enabling legislation through the legislature in accordance with the process other new cities have used. Once this bill passes the legislature, and is signed by the new governor, it contemplates presentation of the question of creating a City of Vista Grove  for a vote in November 2019. Donate here for that effort.

  2. Host an event. We want to make sure we have canvassed all of our Vista Grove neighborhoods and talked to as many residents as possible. If you belong to a local organization and can invite someone to speak about Vista Grove, or if you can host an event at your home and invite friends, this is a critical part of our effort. Sign up as a volunteer and check "hosting." It is a great chance to get friends together and work on an effort with immediate and positive impact on our future.

  3. Petition. Get five new names on our petition. Talk about Vista Grove with your friends and neighbors in our area. Make sure every registered voter in your household has also signed. Here is the petition link: www.vistagrove.org/petition We ask that they include both their name and address, so our legislators understand the breadth of community support. This is one area where every one of you can make a HUGE difference for us right now; if you encouraged just five new people a week to sign the petition, who themselves do the same, you yourself will be reaching hundreds of our Vista Grove friends and neighbors.

  4. Social mediaFollow us, and encourage friends to follow us, on social media. Like us on Facebook at VistaGroveGA, and follow us on Twitter at VistaGroveGA.

  5. Task forcesJoin a task force in an area of interest. We have task forces for community outreach, as well as in subject matter areas like parks, public safety, zoning, and roads. Go to www.vistagrove.org/taskforces

  6. Contact our legislators. Here is a list of our elected representatives. Call and write let them know you value our Vista Grove community and are interested in having a bill introduced to permit further consideration and discussion on a City of Vista Grove.