The Vista Grove Initiative, a group of civic-minded Vista Grove citizens, seek to foster positive dialogue in our community about how incorporating our area as a city can:

--Strengthen relationships and the natural identity we share in the Vista Grove area through our common history, geography, and aspirations.

--Create opportunities in Vista Grove for citizens to enhance quality of life for themselves and their families through civic participation, economic development, recreational opportunities, and educational achievement.

--Ensure self-determination, and a clear voice, for our citizens in the important discussions at a regional, state, and inter-governmental level that impact our community.

Please visit our events calendar and join us for an activity soon!

  • Upcoming events

    09/20/18 Community Information Meeting

    We are hosting an informational session about Vista Grove Initiative, including discussion of the feasibility and process of creating a new City of Vista Grove in our area.

    This will be a one-hour, informational session with focus group Q&A time for those wanting more information, to meet neighbors, and to share input.

    When:  Thursday, September 20th at 7 pm

    Where: Thalia N. Carlos Hellenic Community Center Ballroom - enter from lower parking lot

                2500 Clairmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

    Please RSVP below so we will have enough chairs set up!


    At this information session, we will discuss some of these areas:

    • Feasibility of a new City of Vista Grove and the process of City formation
    • Services a city could provide
    • Transportation matters such as traffic issues and possible shuttles
    • Infrastructure concerns such as additional sidewalks
    • Creating more walkable routes and bike paths
    • Adding more green space
    • Public safety

    Vista Grove includes the Lakeside High School footprint and connected community, a working map is available here:  http://www.vistagrove.org/new_maps

    Feel free to forward this information to anyone you know who may be interested in hearing about the possibility of cityhood for our Vista Grove community. We look forward to continuing to foster positive dialogue about community projects and gathering additional input on the community improvements we would most like to see.

    Please email info@vistagrove.org with any questions.

    We hope to see you at this or another neighborhood meeting soon!

    Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 01:00 PM
    Vista Grove Shopping Center

    Oak Groove Festival

    We will have an information booth at this year's Oak Groove Festival and would love to have all of you stop by and discuss the cityhood option for our area.

  • Featured petition

    Please sign our petition! As members of the Vista Grove community in North DeKalb County, we value our collective quality of life. We live, work, play, and send our children to school in this community, and, whatever our ultimate conclusion about incorporation, we want to preserve our best options and afford ourselves the most choice about our civic future. With the changes that continue to occur around us, including various actual and proposed annexations, we believe we must act now to preserve those options, including possible cityhood.

    662 signatures

    Petition to Introduce Vista Grove Bill in 2019 General Assembly

    As members of the Vista Grove community in North DeKalb, we want to preserve the most choice about our civic future.  We therefore request that you sponsor and support legislation in the 2019 session of the General Assembly authorizing a vote for possible cityhood for our Vista Grove community.

    You can also help us collect names with a copy of the petition you can print out and take with you.

    Will you sign?

  • Featured page

    Take Action

    Join the conversation, and help us make our Vista Grove community stronger! If you are interested in exploring how we can control our future and create positive change in our community, bookmark vistagrove.org.

    Most critically, please go to our Petition page and support giving our community a choice. Whatever our ultimate conclusion is, we all need to know how cityhood done the RIGHT way would work, and what the benefits and risks are. Not all of us will have the same opinion, but we all have our community's best future at heart. We want to give ourselves a meaningful CHOICE: status quo, possible annexation of some or all of our area, or possible creation of our own city. Please sign this Petition to let our legislators know we at least want the OPTION to consider all alternatives.

    The introduction of a cityhood bill simply means the start of a two-year process, not that we have decided once and for all. On the other hand, if we miss the chance now, that choice may pass us by. The Vista Grove Initiative (VGI) was founded with the idea that  positive dialogue, self-determination for our community, and an active role in our future are values we all share.

    So SIGN the Petition. Go to Spread The Word and send a link to the VGI website to others. Then, talk to your friends, neighbors, and elected representatives to let them know you value our Vista Grove community and are interested in having a true choice, in understanding whether incorporation is or is not the best way to strengthen us economically and improve the quality of life for our families now and for generations to come.

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